College Mission

College Mission

The mission

To meet the needs of the public and the state in the field of railway transport with qualified vocational education graduates relevant to the requirements of the modern international labor market, with national and international values, and to create conditions for achieving their educational goals and successful employment.

College Vision

The College's vision is to be a leader  in vocational education in the field of rail transport, with high student employment rates, professional vocational education teachers and staff, diversified funding sources and a diverse partnership.


College values

College values ​​and working principles are:

 • Individual approach to each student;

• Pay special attention to the development of practical skills in the learning process - "learning by doing";

• Offer employment-oriented vocational education and training programs;

• Offer a collaborative, comfortable and aesthetic learning environment;

• Creating a body of motivated vocational education teachers as an important resource;

• Ensuring training-entrepreneurship partnership and orientation to the demands of the labor market;

• Caring for continuous development, innovation and progress;

• promoting Lifelong Learning (LLL) educational activities for professional development and successful careers of citizens.