College Mission

College Mission

The mission

The mission of the collage is to produce staff, with  qualifications  in accordance with the modern demands of the  local and international labour market; with the national and international values; having competitive professional education, to satisfy the demands of the society and country in the field of railway industry and to form the precondition of their successful employment and fulfilling their educational goals, that is directed to the lifelong development of the person, as professionally, so socially and personally.

College Vision

The vision of the collage is to be leader educational institution in the railway industry as in the country, so in the region of Caucasus; having the high rate of the employment of graduates, with close and various educational-production partnership, with the professional team of collaborators and the diversified sources of financing.


College values

College values ​​and working principles are:

·        team working;

·        transparency;  

·        progressiveness and supporting innovations;

·        protecting human rights;

·        internationalization;