Railway Transport College provides the following services for vocational students:


1.       Consulting services according to the rule of Vocational Students Consulting Service” established by college.

2.       Additional (extracurricular) activities;

3.       Career guidance for students;

4.       Recruitment of vocational students and organizing events of proforientation.


Providing counseling services for vocational students

Ø  The vocational student has the right to receive additional consultation from vocational teacher within the module. The vocational teacher will agree on the schedule of consultation with the Manager of Learning Process and Practice before the implementation of module and introduce to the group. The schedule of consultation will be put up in a conspicuous place. In mentioned schedule there will be indicated name and surname of vocational teacher conducting of consultation, time and audience. Consultation time is not included in the workload of vocational teacher.

Ø  The vocational student has the right to receive consultation for career guidance. This will be assisted by the administrative staff of college as well as the head of the educational program, vocational teacher and an employer specially invited for it. Meetings with employer will be held twice a year, in the spring and autumn. The responsible person is Quality Manager.

Ø  The vocational student has the right to receive the information and advices on mobility, in case of closure and cancellation of program, as well as taking into consideration his/her interests and abilities. Quality Manager is the responsible for providing information about mobility and process planning.

Ø  The vocational students will be assessed/interviewed after finishing of each module. Within this process they will be informed about their achievements and defects and given recommendations and advices according to their individual achievements and skills.


Implementation of Additional (extracurricular) activities  


Ø  Railway Transport College will hold the annual team building exercises to improve vocational students’ teamwork and leadership skills and demonstrate their capabilities according to the pre-established rules and assessment sheets;

Ø  Administrative and academic staff and vocational students of college will be involved in social, educational, charitable and vocational education’s popularization activities implemented by the state;

Ø  Cognitive and educational excursions and employers’ forums will be organized for vocational students; 

Ø  The College will provide the vocational students with sports, creativity, intellectual and other events;

Ø  The Vocational students will participate in environmental protection activities every year.


Career maintenance for vocational students

Ø  Different kinds of short training/retraining programs based on Life-Long Learning (LLL) will be offered to job-seekers by college for their career maintenance and achievements;

Ø  The college representative will find and use information of all news and on the responsibilities of it realization;

Ø  Vocational students will have the opportunities to get different kinds of consultations that will help youths and adults to analyze labor market and make optimal decisions;

Ø  The college will use the base of JSC Georgian Railway effectively in the process of learning and entrepreneurship that will increase employment opportunities;

Ø  All qualifying or certificate educational program will be chosen due to the demand of JSC Georgian Railway, its subsidiary company and relative enterprises;

Ø  The college will function in the building equipped with modern standards. There will be created all kinds of conditions for the preparation of qualified staff and fill the labor market with skilled workforce;

Ø  The system of career guidance and proforientation will give the opportunities to applicants, vocational students and graduates to introduce the materials of proforientation, use internet resources and find the jobs.


Recruitment of vocational students and proforientation


NN(P)L Railway Transport College constantly will take care of career guidance and proforientation issues, in particular:

Ø  During the process of quotation, the college will be guided by JSC Georgian Railway according to the vocational qualifications and workforce demand that is a prerequisite for guaranteed employment of every graduates;

Ø  The college representative will give the consultations to interested people about issues interesting for them, vocational educational programs, conditions of enrollment and teaching process;

Ø  The college representative will conduct the interviews with applicants during the spring and fall enrollment to obtain contingents with appropriate competencies and skills;

Ø  The college representative will post the information about vocational educational programs, catalogue with each program, career guidance opportunities and statistics on the official webpage and Facebook page of college;

Ø  The college will ensure enhanced vocational trainings and certified modules for job-seekers according to their interests and needs;

Ø  The college will conduct information meetings on self-employment and further planning education issues;

Ø  The college will provide inviting of employers who introduces the requirements of company;

Ø  The college will evaluate the achievements of vocational students and introduces to the employers;

Ø  Dual vocational education is meant that college will have a close cooperation with employers, so students will have the opportunity to know about their future profession;

Ø  The college will always find ongoing vacancies of enterprises and companies for students and shares to them;

Ø  The college will help the vocational students to deal with the difficulties and the adaptation process during the learning and enterprise practice. It will provide instructors involvement in the mentioned process;

Ø  The college will monitor the employment rate of employment every year.